Sunday, May 09, 2004

Honolulu, Hawaii--Day 100

ALOHA! I have made it to Honolulu where the sun is shining bright and the water is warm. Unfortunately my luggage got lost in the shuffle and I have no swim suit--yet. So I am left to stare longingly at the sea and lather on the sun screen since it is very hot. I went and visited the Honolulu Zoo and with a little more luck I think I will get some good pictures of the hippos there tomorrow--today no one seemed to be of help so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the upcoming days.
Yesterday I managed to be in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Samoa AND Honolulu all in the SAME day...Don't you just love time zones? Anyways, I was supposed to go from New Zealand to Australia to Honolulu, but missed my connection (more about that later--don't worry, I wasn't late, a woman on my flight had a medical problem!) and was rerouted which turned my day into a LONG day of traveling. I arrived this morning and can't believe that I am still going since I have had hardly any sleep. But now I've been to Fiji and Samoa, both of which I would love to spend time in and see during the day! I was holding back a few tears on my departure from Auckland, but have to admit the Honolulu has brightened my mood :)
Anyways, more details will follow but for now I am off to find something to eat!

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