Sunday, February 29, 2004

Colombo, Sri Lanka--Bangkok, Thailand--Singapore--Day 30

As I wrote out my header with where I am and the days, I had to strain to think about what day it could possibly be.

Where am I?

Its been about a month on the road, and I have already hit 7 countries on 3 different continents, not to mention my stopover flights in Thailand and Hong Kong. Its been a crazy journey, that’s for sure.

My flights have been just fine so far, the same goes for the two today and I have become really immune to all things that used to bother me on flights before (turbulence, etc.). Obviously this is because I have been doing SO much traveling and I have realized just how many flights take off each and every day, and that the chances of anything actually happening are so very slim. And considering that I’ve already had something happen to me once before (prior to this trip--the left engine exploded mid-flight) I have had absolutely no worries about anything happening to me. Knock on wood.

Waiting in the Bangkok airport was rough- I almost fell asleep so many times. Plus there was a massage center right across from where I was sitting and I couldn’t stop thinking about getting a massage and how nice that would be, which would make me very sleepy.

I made it to Singapore just fine and was seated next to two Irish girls about my age. I met my driver and we sped away to the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived as the man at the hotel check in informed me that I had a package awaiting me from the Concierge. Really?!?! I was so excited. For me?!?!? (Thanks for the hippo t-shirt Dad!).

My hotel room is great and I immediately set up my things and decided to take a “nap” and then get some dinner. Yeah right. It was about 5 o’clock at this point and so I laid down and before I knew it, it is now well past 8 o’clock Monday morning!

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