Monday, February 23, 2004

In Mumbai (Bombay), India

Hello everyone...I am in Mumbai (Bombay) and have had just about the craziest, most stressful, frustrating and amazing day in my entire life....absolutely intense. I can't even being to describe it all and tell you, but it involved (and not in any particular order): having the taxi man bribe the zookeepers to feed the hippos to get them active (not my idea btw), being cheated by the zoo out of money for my entrance fee, having aibus hit your taxi while he is pointing out a sight to take pictures of, driving around Mumbia thorugh all of the vast poverty in 100 plus degree heat, arguing with your taxi driver who wants to take you around everywhere then being thankful that he did, and of course, hippo watching while just about everyone in the zoo was watching me.

I am heading out right now to buy one of those rewritable cds that my brother recommends so that I can write my blog and then transfer it via cd to the hotel computers where there is internet, so again, blogs will be posted. ..and I can tell you all more about this day...and South Africa of course!