Saturday, March 06, 2004

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--Day 36

Today I woke up and caught a cab over to the Petronas Towers which used to be the highest buildings in the world. You can get tickets to go up to the top of the towers and look out, which I thought sounded pretty cool. However when I got there I found out that they had already “sold out” of the free tickets for the day and unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to go back. The Petronas Towers are also part of a gigantic shopping mall, so I wandered around that for a bit, then made it outside where there were several fountains and a nice garden area, as well as a little swimming area for children. I sat down for a while and was approached by two separate groups asking for a picture with me in it. I agreed, as long as I could take some pictures too!

I walked around the gardens for a while and then went back inside the huge mall for lunch. Then I got a taxi over to the Islamic Arts Museum and National Mosque of Malaysia which was absolutely fantastic. I had to wear a head scarf and cover my legs (I mistakenly wore my skirt instead of trousers) and had a peaceful time walking around and taking some neat pictures. Afterwards I headed over to the Museum for another few hours of wandering around and then heard some music playing as I was walking out. I followed to where it was coming from and found a huge outdoor amphitheater where a large outdoor concert was being held. I sat down and watched (until the ants started to bite!) and then walked around a bit leistering to the music and taking some pictures.

After listening for a while I walked over to the sculpture gardens nearby and then caught a cab back to my hotel where I packed up my things, getting ready to head to Thailand tomorrow!

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