Monday, June 14, 2004

Vienna, Austria-->Prague, Czech Republic--Day 135

Today Sarah and I headed to Prague. While Kathryn was at class, Sarah and I packed up our things and got ready to leave. Kathryn came back bearing treats for breakfast and we sat in her cute kitchen having our last breakfast in Vienna (sniff sniff). Afterwards we all walked to the grocery store and then on to the post office to mail a few things back to the USA. We then walked over to a park close to Kathryn's apartment to pass the time. In the park were these HUGE concrete towers that were built in WWII for keeping watch over the skies and now cannot be destroyed because the amount of explosives needed to knock them down would destroy the surrounding neighborhoods! We then walked to Kathryn's apartment and got our things together, then went over to the train station via the subway. Good thing I had these girls to help me with my stuff!

Kathryn showed us the ropes of European train travel and we were quite excited about it. She pointed out how for us NOT to get lost on the trains, or get left behind, and how to tell which car to sit in. Phew! Pretty soon we were off to Prague, saying goodbye to Kathryn in the meantime. Right after we got our tickets checked (for the first of the upteenth time) we realized that we were in fact sitting in the wrong car and had to move up to the front, along with several other confused travelers. We moved five cars up and it was quite a funny fiasco because not only was it hard to pull our bags through the train but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to open the doors to the next train cars. I kept pulling, when really I needed to pry them apart. This meant that the door between the cars kept opening and closing on me and I was stuck between the cars multiple times. It was funny, but also a bit of a panic. Finally I realized that I needed to PRY them apart and we were set. We found a good place to sit and 4 hours later we were pulling into Prague.

We got a taxi and checked into the hotel. The rest of the night was spent walking around a bit of Prague and getting dinner at a local restaurant. We were impressed with ourselves not only for our amazing sense of direction, but ability to get dinner despite our complete lack of language. Little did we know that this was just the beginning of what would be a long struggle of trying to communicate based on gestures...