Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Budapest, Hungary—Day 157

Today was our last day in Budapest. We got up and headed to the Hungarian National Museum but first went back to the Market to get breakfast. Despite the impending rain, we walked to the Museum and stopped at the post office to (finally) mail some postcards that we had been carrying around for quite some time.

The Museum itself was truly impressive—well organized and extremely informative about Hungary’s history. It was really a great way to start the day and to avoid the rain, so we were happy that it turned out to be a great museum. Afterwards we walked to the Great Synagogue which is the largest Synagogue in Europe (the 2nd largest in the world) and walked around its grounds and visited the adjoining Jewish Museum, which was also very informative. We then went in search of a good place to eat lunch and after a bit of walking finally found this small Falafel place that we had heard was good and got lunch.

We then kept walking around a bit and after picking up an alarm clock for Sarah (so she doesn’t miss her flight in the morning!) we then headed back to the area near the hotel, stopping off at the park for a bit. We gathered up Sarah’s things and walked over to the subway and as we tried to buy tickets from the machine (it was confusing and our first time since for the past three days we have had a three-day tourist pass with unlimited rides). There was a nice girl standing next to us that really helped us out and told us that the subway line was temporarily closed, but that w could take a bus that acted like a subway (only stopping at subway stops!). So she led us right outside where we needed to be (even though it wasn’t where she was going!) and we thanked her and climbed on.

Three stops later we were at the train station. We had a little while to wait before Sarah’s train was leaving so we checked the times and waited outside. We finally walked back to the platform and got Sarah’s stuff onto the train and still had about a half an hour before her train was to leave. So we talked on the train and then it was time for me to get off (wouldn’t that just be perfect if the train left with me on it!!) and so I hopped off and Sarah and I continued “talking” through the window which must have looked funny!!

Sarah’s train pulled away and it was so sad—I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown with her here and how much of a help her being with me has been. I watched as the train disappeared and walked back to the “subway” and three stop later was back at the hotel. I then went and got dinner down the street, got some ice-cream and came back to the hotel to finish up a few things (including this blog!) before I head to France tomorrow. I will be there for a week before I head back to the United States for a friend’s wedding AND for the hippo conference! There are three zoos in France that I will be going to but email access will be limited, so if this isn’t updated for a week I apologize!

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