Thursday, September 23, 2004

Frankfurt, Germany--Koln, Germany--Day 236

Eliz and I spent the day walking around Frankfurt and chilling out in a coffee shop before catching an ICE train--the Intercity Express train--to Koln. The weather in Frankfurt was drizzly and raining, but that didn't stop us from walking around with our umbrellas and going to the train station to figure out Elizabeth's train tickets for this month as well as get reservations for the train to Koln. We were able to leave our stuff at the hotel for the day, after we checked out and went back to get it an hour before our train.

The train to Koln was fast and we got there in just over an hour. The train station in Koln is located right in the city center--right next to the magnificent Dom Cathedral which is truly an amazing site. Built in the 1300s, it wasn't ever finished until 1500 years later due to lack of funding, finally completed in the 1800s. Amazing! We took the U-Bahn to where we assumed our hotel to be, found the hotel and checked in and then went back out on the town. Dinner consisted of amazing sushi and beer, and we explored the night life of Koln which found us seated at a smoky jazz club listening to a great, if not on the older side, live jazz band who probably have played there every night for the past thirty years. The night was definitely a hit and we wandered back to our hotel in the wee hours ready to hit the zoo in the morning.

German word for the day--Schmeckt. It means, it tastes good!