Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dallas, Texas—Houston, Texas—Lufkin, Texas—Day 313

This morning was a first. I missed my plane!

How it happen remains a mystery. I set my alarm and somehow it didn’t go off. Why I didn’t get a wake up call from the hotel is also a mystery. Anyways, I was having a fabulous dream when suddenly my conscious knocked in and I bolted up in bed.

Looking at my clock I saw that it was 7:30. My flight was leaving at 8:30.

So I threw everything into my bag, threw on my clothes, and threw myself into the car. I made it to the rental return at the airport at 8am and to the check in counter at 8:15. Obviously there was no way that I would make my flight.

I handed over my I.D. and my trusty gold Aadvantage card, hoping that they would just let me on to the next flight since I was such a valued customer. To my luck, they did! They girl just laughed at me when I said that I missed the alarm and checked me onto the next flight which wasn’t departing until after 11. So I now have three hours to kill (most of it spent catching up on my blog!) and sitting in the Dallas airport waiting for my short flight to Houston.

I made it to Houston, picked up my rental car (an SUV! I fit RIGHT in now!) and I was soon on my way headed north to Lufkin. Lufkin is in eastern Texas and yes, in the middle of nowhere. However, three hippos are at the Ellen Trout Zoo and I will be spending the next few days here before heading back down to Houston, then on to San Antonio.