Tuesday, December 14, 2004

San Antonio, Texas—Days 317/318

I spent the past two days in San Antonio visiting the Alamo and traveling up to Austin to check out the city that I have heard so much about. I spent a good hour or so walking around the Alamo which was interesting and then the afternoon driving up to Austin and trying to find the University there. I never did find it (how you can’t find a huge university is beyond me) but after having lunch and cruising around a bit I decided to head back to San Antonio.

The next morning I headed back to the zoo to check out what Uma and Tumbo were up to.
Uma was outside again and there was no sign of Tumbo. The weather was cold and I stood in front of Uma hoping that Tumbo would just magically appear in the water with her. He never did of course so I left the zoo after a while and spent another day in San Antonio and its surrounding areas doing a bit of Christmas shopping.

Tomorrow I head to Portland and leave Texas. Then I head to Eugene, Oregon, then finally to San Francisco where I will meet up with a few friends from college that I have there. Then back to Tucson for Christmas which is shockingly NEXT weekend. This year went by extraordinarily fast. It just feels like yesterday when this whole trip was in its planning stages.

And now I have been to 92 zoos this year.

That’s 262 hippos!