Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Mexico City, Mexico--Morelia, Mexico--Day 122

This morning I got up early and went straight to the zoo to take the hippos pictures. I found three wonderful hippos with NAMES (a first for Mexico!) and took pretty much most of the morning taking pictures of Olga, Billa and Guerro. After taking pictures at the zoo I walked around the park that the zoo was in (Chapultepec Park) and ended up at the amazing Castle in the center, which is often a summer residence for royalty or emperors. The castle was really neat although I really didn’t have too much time to really appreciate it. After about an hour, I had to go straight back to my hotel and had to check out and take a taxi to the airport to catch my flight to Morelia. I found my gate a lot easier this time (same one as the one before when I was flying to Puebla) and waited for my flight. Again it was the same deal as going to Puebla--really small 1950s turbo prop airplane. This time around had a little more turbulence than before and one girl near me spilled her entire drink on her lap!

We landed, I got a taxi to my hotel and checked in. It was just starting to rain at this point yet it was too late to actually go scout out things in town, but too early to not do anything so I actually went to a movie theater and saw a movie before taxi-ing it back to my hotel to sleep.

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