Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Morelia, Mexico--Day 123

Today I got a taxi to the Morelia zoo as soon as I was ready and had eaten breakfast. The zoo was actually really quite big yet didn’t have any maps to show you around! I asked about where the hippos were and eventually found them--5 unnamed hippos all in their swimming hole. It was pretty darn cute because there were two babies in the group and they were all lying one on top of the other and giving me that suspicious look, questioning what I was doing there.

To my luck, it was just about feeding time and the keepers came with a big barrel of hay which prompted all of the hippos to get out of the water (click click click!) and then eat (more click click click!). I was happy but not too happy that the keeper told me they didn’t have names. Nonetheless, I was happy with the results of the pictures and after about an hour was off on my way back to my hotel.

Back at the hotel I organized all of the hippo photos that I have acquired from Mexico at this point and by the time I Was finished it was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. So I grabbed another taxi to the downtown area of Morelia and walked around a bit, getting some coffee and cake at a café just as it started to downpour with rain. After the rain let up for a bit I walked around some more and found yet another movie theater and as it started to pour again, decided to see another movie. Since I hadn’t been feeling well the past few days (slight tummy bug!) sitting down and realizing in a theater was a welcoming comfort.

After the movie, I went outside and found that it had stopped raining so I walked around a bit in the center some more taking pictures and then got dinner at a small restaurant. I ate while watching some telenovela in which the crisis at the moment appears to be a sister in the hospital surrounded by plastic wrap to keep either her from getting sick from other people, or other people getting sick from her. I watched it anyways and when I paid my bill, headed back to my hotel.

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